Project acronym : SVARNISH
Project full title : Varnish development with antimicrobial, oxygen and water vapour barrier properties and improved physic-mechanical properties, to be used in food industry.
Call Identifier : FP7-SME-2013
Project Duration : 24 Months
Project Total Budget : 1.112.000,00 €

The impact on our environment from food packaging waste can be minimized by prudently selecting materials and following established regulatory guidelines, yet the primary purpose must continue to be maintaining safe, wholesome and quality food, with all the properties desired to protecting the food from the surrounding (oxygen, light, pathogenic microorganisms, moisture, .. and taking into account the mechanical properties needed for the storage and transport. Approximately the 60% of the films used in food packaging are laminated from different materials.

The manufacturing of multilayer structures allows increasing the plastic materials for food packaging applications. More often more than one material is required to provide different properties and functionalities to the food packaging. The most critical properties are the oxygen and moisture barrier and the mechanical resistance (to guarantee safe and quality product). To link the different materials, and conferred barrier properties, could be applied “coatings” that it is in-line with the printing process for high-barrier packaging laminates.

The SVARNISH project aims to overcome the flexible packaging limitations related with the traditional food plastic materials, competitive costs, the chemical properties (antimicrobial, oxygen and water vapor), physicmechanical properties (simplifying the multilayer structures, and improving the simples ones), environmental and sustainable development. We aim to reduce the price of the food packaging around 20% and reduce waste material 8-10%, decreasing the time process manufacturing in a 50%, and reduction of the energy consumption in the same 50%. Reduce food waste by 50%. The 85% of the films used for food packaging industry will be recycling. The structure of SVarnish consortium has been selected through a logical process from “the raw material needed to improve the varnish to the final printing process”, all supply chain it is represented.

3 RTD The UK Materials Technology Research Institute Limited MATRI MATRI UK
4 RTD Nofima Nofima Norway
5 SEM Sampas NANO SNANO Turkey
6 SME Aroma Praha AROMA CR
7 SME Hatzopoulos S.A ASHA Greece
8 OTHER Ferrero Group FERRERO Italy
The European project SVARNISH, a step forward in the food packaging sector
The Kick off Meeting of SVARNISH project took place in Valencia at AIDO headquarters, coordinator of the project. During two years, the new project will develop a varnish to be used in food packaging, with antimicrobial, oxygen and water vapour barrier properties and improved physic‐mechanical properties.
First period of Svarnish Project has ended in success
Svarnish project 12M Consortium Meeting and Period 1 Review Meeting with European Commission took place in Brussels, on 23th and 24th September. Project progress, research details, management issues and future plans were discussed during these meetings.
The European project SVARNISH continues successfully
The 6 Month consortium meeting of SVARNISH project was held on 15th May 2014. The meeting took place in Melton Mowbray at UK Materials and Technology Research Institute facilities. The delegates from Spain, UK, Greece, Norway, Czech Republic and Turkey joined the meeting. The progress of six months and future plans were discussed.